Strategic Planning

The SBS Nine Step Approach Implement the 9 key factors most SMEs ignore which will dramatically increase your sales

  • Targeting techniques e.g. 80 % of profits typically come from just 20 % of clients
  • Developing a value proposition while improve sales by demonstrating how you can resolve your clients problems
  • Segment your markets ; treat each differently with an individual marketing plan
  • Pro-actively manage your existing clients & sell more to each of them
  • Prioritise key issues into a challenging, detailed 12 month action plan.
  • Set financial & management targets based upon the critical measures of performance to maximise productivity


Produce a strategic marketing plan

  • Using my exclusive sales and marketing audit, a comprehensive review of your existing sales and marketing process. 80/20 rule; identify the most profitable and attractive products/services & market sectors to focus on
  • Develop your competitive advantage and unique selling point into an attractive positioning statement
  • Producing a promotional message built on the relevant benefits sought by each target market
  • Develop a cost effective promotional campaign
  • Reduce cost of marketing & client acquisition
  • Implementation – see associate services**

Winning & Managing Sales

The service would implement the sales elements of the marketing strategy

  • Pro-actively targeting the most attractive & profitable market segments
  • Leads
    • better quality
    • higher conversion rate
  • Developing a managed sales funnel (including lead generation and conversion)
  • Existing customers
    • up selling & repeat business
    • improved client management /satisfaction, with increase in the value or orders

International Trade/Export

The service addresses the needs of either new or established exporters.

  • Identifying the most attractive new markets
  • Market research; feasibility, identifying prospective distributors/agents, competitors etc.
  • Advising on contracts, payment terms & developing logistical support

Productivity Review

To maximise productivity and ensure you are making the most of the technology available to the business

  • Opportunities to leverage use of technology, including IT review
  • Review processes to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Identify key performance indicators & set organisational and individual management targets for regular performance monitoring

Financial Review

To understand the current financial position of the company its requirements to meet its business objectives.

We would complete a review of the most recent management accounts and analyses margins, prices costs & borrowings.

  • Increase gross & net profit
  • Identify cost reductions
  • Cash flow improvement & borrowing reductions
  • Budgets agreed for monthly monitoring
  • Access to finance – identify the most appropriate options if finance for growth is required

Non-Executive Director Service

My role as Non Executive Director (NXD) is to provide the company with entrepreneurial leadership, governance & objective advice. The companies that I work for expect me to play a real part in developing strategy, the running of the company & to challenge the executives on their plans, so that they are tested & debated properly. This may include meeting stakeholders (staff, suppliers, customers) as required.

  • NXDs are independent, not “yes men” & therefore will challenge where they feels it’s in the company’s best interests
  • Removing the barriers to change and progress
  • Validate and facilitate significant strategic change and development
  • Seriously increase net profits plan and implement a medium or long term exit strategy
  • Assist in setting targets for management & key personal based on the company goals & objectives & scrutinising their performance against them during monthly management meetings

Richard used his coaching and business experience to help us focus on our key business goals and develop strategies to meet them as part of the Growth Accelerator service.

As a result we have restructured our marketing and specialist IT services to deliver excellence to our growing customer portfolio. I would highly recommend Richard to any company looking to grow their business.

Tim Fairchild, Managing Director, Bison Grid Ltd
Bison Grid